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Roni Leef

Certified Rehabilitation Hydrotherapist,

Owner of the Water Clinic

I have always loved water,

I remember my first experience of water as a little girl, lying down on the beach in the sea,

with the ears in the water, enjoy the sound of the waves

And just hangs up, I spent  Hours at sea and in the pool when I dive, swim,

Plays and disconnects from the noise and commotion.

Behind 18 years of continuous treatment and I use various hydrotherapy techniques in worm water and cold exposure Ice Baths that I learned from the best professional therapists in Israel and around the world.  Diverse treatment techniques that have shaped my treatment methods, and I incorporate them in my work with the various patients,  Children and adults.

I acquired my professional specialization and established it in the "Spivak" pool, in the center for the disabled in Ramat Gan, with populations with disabilities. Later, I chose to be exposed to the experiential aspect of working in the water, and joined the magical team of "Stelbet on the water" pools while at the same time I was also an underwater photographer at the "Dolphin Reef" in Eilat.

My great love is rehabilitative work in the water. As a young dancer I experienced an injury  Sports are hard on the knee on the dance floor, and I know the rehabilitative aspect well from the patient's side as well. I restored an anterior cruciate ligament in my knee, underwent intensive physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatments and today I run, jump, dance and swim as before. I have no doubt that my personal injury and rehabilitation led me to choose to engage in the rehabilitative field to bring the various patients back to function and also to sports activities that their injury prevented them from doing.

I believe in water treatments in their contribution and in their effect to calm, rehabilitate, strengthen, improve range of motion, release stress, lower tone, release  And restore solid and stable health to the body and mind.

I'm in love with my job. I have fun getting up in the morning and jumping into the water in the compound I set up in the natural and green space,  And give more and more people the opportunity to immerse, enjoy, be healed and get the most out of what wholes have to give.

Additional professional training:

Liquid Flow course  -  A course that focuses on emotional accompaniment in the water.

Aqua Streach course - facial release in water. 

Graduate of the CPR course 

Lifeguard - Graduate of a pool lifeguard course

Swimming instructor 

Graduate of a 2-star diving course

Graduate of a free diving course


A B.Ed. graduate of the Zinman College of Physical Education and Sports at the Wingate Institute,

Specializing in disability rehabilitation and hydrotherapy. 

Graduate of the "Fitness Executives" course - Business Administration for Sports and Fitness Clubs  At the Zinman College of Physical Education and Sports at the Wingate Institute.   

Mental Trainer for Athletes, Skills, Ono Academic Campus

NLP Practitioner, Ambition College

Certified Jahara Therapist

WaterDance Practitioner By WABA

Instructor to operate toddlers in the water, Ilan Sports Center for the Disabled Continuing Education School, Wingate Senior Shiatsu Therapist, Transformation College

Write about me:

"The water flows. They are never afraid of controversy, because in time they will reunite. They can be soothing, comforting and purifying. And even big, huge and powerful. Their nature is stable. They are loyal to themselves. In the depths of the lakes, in the darkness of the oceans, where all their secrets are kept. And mysterious. The water knows no fear. They will always burst forward and down, from any height. They will fall and not be injured. Whatever their situation, the water will always seek the plane that suits them from what is left to them. Without water, there is no existence, no plant and no other living thing. "They can be completely still, and in this quiet drum reflect and wonderfully the sky. They are transparent, clear and need neither decoration nor intensification."

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