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Treatment of pregnant women

Water treatment allows the pregnant woman to experience a feeling of release, weightlessness and lightness of movement.

During pregnancy, with weight gain in the front of the body, posture changes. As compensation for this a deep curve may form in the lower back area which creates additional pressure on the spine, poor posture and a feeling of discomfort.     


The ability to experience weightlessness at a time when awareness of your body weight is so great, leads to sensory relaxation. The water carries your body weight and allows you to experience rest and physical relief. Breathing expands and softens, muscles and nervous system relax. Out of this silence we will work on a sequence of poses, stretches and presses that will restore length and flexibility to your body. The circular movements that are typical of the treatment, the warmth of the water and the gentle holding, evoke an intrauterine experience and strengthen the connection between you and the foetus. You and the foetus are wrapped together in warm water. Your ears are in the water, your eyes are closed, your body weight decreased and the ability to connect with the foetal sensation increases and intensifies. The treatment combines gentle stretching, massages and pleasant pressure that restore the body to the vitality needed for a healthy and calm pregnancy.

The treatment is performed in water heated to 34.5 degrees - a temperature that is safe for you and your baby, and is possible from the beginning of the second trimester (fourth month) until the day of birth. During pregnancy it is recommended to get water treatments regularly as part of a series of treatments. Continuous work in water affects blood circulation, relieves back pain and oedema and prepares the body and foetus for childbirth with an emphasis on working in the pelvic area and connecting to breathing.

This is a wonderful way to support pregnancy, both physically and emotionally.


The treatment is also highly recommended for women after childbirth and makes it easier for the new mother to deal with the dramatic changes she is going through, both physically and mentally.

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