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Swimming lessons

From the age of three you can start teaching children to swim.

All activities are done through play, while combining fun activities with the kids.   

First in water adaptation exercises, then learning the technique.

The activity strengthens the shoulder girdle and improves coordination, strengthens the airways, and gives the child confidence in the watery environment. 

The activity is highly recommended for children who do not like to shower and also for children with respiratory difficulties.


Toddler swimming 

The recommended age for starting the activity with the babies in the water is three months.
Classes are held in an individual and personal format. Swimming with the babies is done in the water together with the parents, the parent and the baby get a unique quality time together. The warm temperature and pleasant atmosphere help the baby's development and strengthens his bond with the parent.

During a baby swimming class, the baby learns to love the water and feel it in a natural environment. 

The various exercises and games help to strengthen the shoulder girdle,  Improving balance and developing coordination, strengthening the respiratory system and raising the baby's self-confidence through exercises suitable for all stages of development. The pool is heated to a temperature of 33-34 degrees in summer and winter and is specially adapted to the needs of the children.​

  • The shared stay in the water contributes to strengthening the bond between the parent and the baby and allows the baby to feel safe in the water and see the water as a safe and pleasant environment.

  • The baby's physical activity in the water contributes to the development of important systems in his body.

  • Spending time in the water contributes to a feeling of calm in the baby and encourages better sleep.

Duration of the session: 30 minutes 

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